Solicitation Details
Type: Request For Proposals (RFP) 
Status: Closed  
Solicitation Number: RFP 2400 GAZ3015 
Description: Shared Mobility Third-Party Data Manager and Consultant 
Summary: Micromobility Data Aggregator Platform that syncs directly with shared mobility service providers through API integration, providing tools to view aggregated statistics through various applications, including street assets 
Vendor Name Doing Business As
Blue Systems USA, Inc.
Knock Software, Inc. Ride Report
Populus Technologies, Inc. Populus Technologies or Populus
Rebel Payments, Mobility & Insights
Basic Information
Contact Information
Authorized Contact Names:
Solicitation Specific
Gil Zilkha
(512) 974-2500
Small Minority Business
Resources Questions:
Amy Amaya
(512) 974-7605
Dates, Times & Locations
Important Solicitation Dates:
Solicitation Published: 04/25/2022 07:20 AM
Response Due: Prior to 05/31/2022, 02:00 PM
Purchasing Office, 124 W. 8th Street, Suite 308, Austin, TX 78701
Response Opening: 05/31/2022, 03:00 PM
Purchasing Office, 124 W. 8th Street, Suite 308, Austin, TX 78701
Special Notes
Special Notes: Insurance is Required. Required
Associated Commodities
Description Code
Software Maintenance/Support 92045
Trade Summary
Description Category Code
Software Maintenance/Support Non-professional 92045