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Expense Categories
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The comparison of actual expenditures to budget may appear inconsistent. That is because base wages for personnel are fully budgeted in the expense categories regular wages:full-time, regular wages:part-time, or regular wages:civil service. The budget does not assume expenditure levels for the various leave categories, such as sick pay, vacation pay, or jury leave. However, actual expenses for various leave categories are recorded based on timesheet coding. The result is that actual expenditures for regular wages are spread across multiple expense categories while the budget is shown in one expense category.

Personnel savings is budgeted to account for the likely savings in personnel costs generated through attrition. However, the savings is realized in the expense categories regular wages:full-time, regular wages:part-time and regular wages:civil service. Therefore, the actual expenditures in the personnel savings expense category will always be zero.

The data contained on this website is for informational purposes only. Certain Austin Energy budget items have been excluded as competitive matters under Texas Government Code Section 552.133 and City Council Resolution 20051201-002.