Purchasing Office

The Purchasing Office is responsible for managing the procurement of goods and services for all City of Austin operations. The Office is a division under the City’s Financial Services Department.

How the City Buys Goods/Services

The City of Austin makes purchases on the open market, by informal or formal requests, or utilizing cooperative contracts.

The City makes purchases based on dollar ranges:

  • $0 - $3,000

Purchases made based on a single quote and may be authorized and/or paid using a purchasing order or purchasing card.

  • $3,000.01 - $50,000

Purchases made based on an informal request with a minimum of three quotes, with attempts made to obtain at least two quotes from a certified Women or Minority Owned Business

  • $50,000.01 and above

Purchases made based on a formal solicitation and may require approval by the City Council

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