Local Presence

In response to the passing of House Bill 1869 of the 82nd legislative session that amended Local Government Code 271.905, the City of Austin is changing section 12 "Evaluation Factors" of its Standard Solicitation Instructions effective 3/1/2012 as follows: If the City receives a competitive sealed bid from a bidder whose principal place of business is in the Austin Corporate City Limits and whose bid is within three percent of the lowest bid price received from a bidder who is not a resident of the Austin Corporate City Limits, the City may enter into a contract with the local vendor.A firm (Offeror or Subcontractor) is considered to have a Local Business Presence if the firm is headquartered in the Austin Corporate City Limits, or has a branch office located in the Austin Corporate City Limits in operation for the last five (5) years. The City defines headquarters as the administrative center where most of the important functions and full responsibility for managing and coordinating the business activities of the firm are located. The City defines branch office as a smaller, remotely located office that is separate from a firm's headquarters that offers the services requested and required under this solicitation.