No Lobbying Report
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No Lobbying Report
The No Lobbying List contains solicitations issued by the Purchasing Office, Capital Contracting Office, and all other delegated authorities.

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Anti-Lobbying and Procurement Ordinance
On June 14, 2018, Council repealed and replaced Article 6 of Chapter 2-7 Anti-Lobbying and Procurement.

Anti-Lobbying and Procurement Rules
On February 28, 2019, The adopted rule regarding Anti-Lobbying and Procurement became effective.

City of Austin Living Wage

View Notice of Amended Rule Adoption for Living Wage

The Current Living Wage Amount is $20.00 per hour for contracts executed during the City’s 2023 Fiscal Year, which is effective from October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023.

Prevailing Wage

The Capital Contracting Office oversees all City-contracted construction projects with regards to the pay of all workers employed on the projects, as governed by Dept. of Labor-established prevailing wage rates and TX Statute 2258.

Learn more about wage compliance.
Wage Theft

Wage Theft Ordinance (Amendment)

On December 12, 2022, Council amended City Code Title 4 by establishing wage theft standards in the City.

Workplace Conditions
The City of Austin adopted the Procurement Code for Humane Workplace Conditions (Work place Conditions Code) set forth in Ordinance No. 20070621-152 to encourage responsible contracting and to eliminate inadvertent support of vendors using illegal sweatshop labor. The ordinance was not intended to prevent the City or its vendors from doing business with companies that have operations in a foreign country.
Local Presence

In response to the passing of House Bill 1869 of the 82nd legislative session that amended Local Government Code 271.905, the City of Austin is changing section 12 "Evaluation Factors" of its Standard Solicitation Instructions effective 3/1/2012 as follows: If the City receives a competitive sealed bid from a bidder whose principal place of business is in the Austin Corporate City Limits and whose bid is within three percent of the lowest bid price received from a bidder who is not a resident of the Austin Corporate City Limits, the City may enter into a contract with the local vendor.A firm (Offeror or Subcontractor) is considered to have a Local Business Presence if the firm is headquartered in the Austin Corporate City Limits, or has a branch office located in the Austin Corporate City Limits in operation for the last five (5) years. The City defines headquarters as the administrative center where most of the important functions and full responsibility for managing and coordinating the business activities of the firm are located. The City defines branch office as a smaller, remotely located office that is separate from a firm's headquarters that offers the services requested and required under this solicitation.

Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises
Firms can become a certified Minority-owned or Women-owned Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE), contact the City’s Small and Minority Business Resources (SMBR) Department for assistance. 

Learn more about all the services provided by SMBR or contact the office at 512-974-7600.
Service Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise (SDVBE)

The City of Austin launched an interim Service Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (SDVBE) program on October 1, 2017. The pilot program provides preference points to SDVBEs who are certified as a Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) with the State of Texas when submitting a response to Request for Proposal (RFP) solicitations.The interim program as established will allow SDVBEs to receive three percent (3%) preference points on RFP solicitations. In order to receive consideration for the program, a SDVBE must be a prime contractor or consultant, be certified as a HUB by the State of Texas, and be a registered vendor with the City. Please contact vendor registration at or call 512-974-2018 to register.

View the SDVBE Program Announcement

Purchasing Ethics Policy
Conflict of Interest Disclosure
No Gift Policy

City of Austin employees are not allowed to accept gifts from vendors. This includes paying for meals. If you customarily send a token of appreciation to your customers, the City asks that you please not send any item to City employees or offices. There are many worthy organizations in our community that would be happy to receive such items, and will be able to see that they go to people in need. Your assistance is appreciated.

Due Dates and Deadlines