Type: Invitation for Quote (IFQ)
Status: Open  
Solicitation Number: IFQ 8300 IS1006 
Description: Trash and Recycling Services @ select Austin Fire Stations 
Summary: Trash and Recycling Services @ select Austin Fire Stations. The stations were not designed to have dumpsters. ARR does not provide cart service to these locations. The other City contract does not include carts, only dumpsters. 
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Irene Sanchez
(512) 974-2500
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Solicitation Published: 05/15/2024 12:57 PM
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Special Notes: None Available
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IFQ Offer and Acceptance Package pdf 05/15/2024   Download
IFQ Scope of Work pdf 05/15/2024   Download
IFQ Quote Sheet xls 05/15/2024   Download
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Hauling Services Non-professional 96239