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Type: Invitation For Bids (IFB) 
Status: Open  
Solicitation Number: IFB 6100 CLMC1021 
Description: Family Violence Shelter and Protection 
Summary: Renovation of a Super 8 Hotel to accommodate the function of a Women’s Shelter. The project includes the addition of a commercial kitchen with individual cooking stations, addition of laundry facilities, playrooms, computer room, upgrades to the existing systems HVAC systems, electrical, plumbing and fire systems. 
Estimated Amount for Solicitation: $8,000,000.00
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Basic Information
Subcontracting Goals
African American 1.41%
Hispanic American 2.37%
Native/Asian American 0.74%
WBE 1.06%
Contact Information
Authorized Contact Names:
Project Related Questions: Maria Boren
(512) 974-2236
Solicitation Specific
Sofia Johnson
(512) 974-9143
Small Minority Business
Resources Questions:
Lisa Barney
(512) 974-8046
Special Notes
Special Notes: Rolling Owner Control Insurance Program. (ROCIP)
Compliance Plan Required.
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Associated Commodities
Description Code
Trade Summary
Description Category Code
Millwork: Counters, Custom-Made Cabinets, Shelves, Goods 15049
Fencing, Chain Link (Including Fabric, Gates, Pane Goods 33013
Tile, Vinyl Goods 36085
Shelving, Metal (Not Library Or Shop) Goods 42580
Sheetrock And Accessories: Cement, Corners, Floati Goods 54081
Ornamental Ironwork Goods 57040
Steel Studs, Dry Wall Goods 57081
Wall Coverings, Fabric And Plastic; And Accessorie Goods 63093
Grass Seed Goods 79020
Signs, American Disability Act (Ada) Goods 80156
Window Shades Goods 87090
Doors And Windows Construction 90937
Finishes: Flooring, Wall And Ceiling, Etc. Construction 90945
Site Work Construction 90976
Thermal And Moisture Protection Services Construction 90984
Construction Services, General Construction 91200
Construction, Irrigation System Construction 91227
Management, Construction Construction 91268
Carpentry Construction 91427
Electrical Construction 91438
Glass And Glazing Construction 91447
Heating, Ventilating And Air Conditioning (Hvac) Construction 91450
Insulation Construction 91453
Metal Work Construction 91458
Painting Construction 91461
Plumbing Construction 91468
Roofing Construction 91473
Structural And Reinforcement Steel Construction 91479
Welding Construction 91485
Boring, Drilling, Testing And Soundings Non-professional 96216
Foundation, Concrete. This Item Consists Of Furnis Non-professional 9688241
Landscaping, Tree And Plant Protection During Cons Non-professional 9885299