Solicitation Details
Type: Invitation For Bids (IFB) 
Status: Closed  
Solicitation Number: IFB 6300 MZJ1013 
Description: Pet Waste Supplies 
Summary: For the purpose of establishing a contract with a qualified Contractor to procure pet waste bags, waste bag dispensers, and waste cans for placement in City parks. 
Vendor Name Doing Business As File Name
alnama3 corporation LLC Price Offer Document
Dog-ON-It-Parks, Inc. Price Offer Document
Tekom Joseph Tifuh Prime Mowing and Cleaning Services Price Offer Document
Basic Information
Contact Information
Authorized Contact Names:
Solicitation Specific
Mike Zambrano
(512) 974-2500
Small Minority Business
Resources Questions:
SMBR Main Office
(512) 974-7600
Dates & Times
Important Solicitation Dates:
Solicitation Published: 06/19/2023 07:21 AM
Response Due: Prior to 07/11/2023, 02:00 PM
Response Opening: 07/11/2023, 03:00 PM
Special Notes
Special Notes: None Available
Associated Commodities
Description Code
Pet Waste Stations and Supplies 0400351
Trade Summary
Description Category Code
Pet Waste Stations And Supplies Goods 0400351