Solicitation Details
Type: Invitation For Bids (IFB) 
Status: Closed  
Solicitation Number: IFB 6100 CLMC998 
Description: Wastewater Renewal Program - Manholes IDIQ (2023-2027) 
Summary: The Work consists of an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity project that includes the rehabilitation of existing wastewater manholes complete and in place. Quantities will vary as specific work is identified by COA, AW, and other entities. It is anticipated that various sized wastewater manhole rings and covers will be replaced, Wastewater manholes will have upper cone and ring work, wastewater manhole interiors will have new lining installed using products and materials listed in the Austin Water Utility's Standard Products List. Wastewater manhole rehabilitation processes and methods may include the work necessary to install new Wastewater manhole rings and covers, install new bolted wastewater manhole rings and covers, adjust existing misaligned wastewater manhole rings and covers, adjust grade rings of existing wastewater manholes, apply chemical grout to stop active leaks to wastewater manholes, apply Structural Linings (SPL WW-511A) or Cementitious Linings (SPL WW-511B) to wastewater manhole interior walls and benches, apply Organic Linings (SPL WW-511) to wastewater manhole interior walls, benches and/or inverts, repair/rebuild existing wastewater manhole benches and/or inverts, and plug abandoned wastewater lines, abandon existing manholes, install new manholes, as directed by the Owner's Representative. The Contractor is responsible for environmental controls, traffic control, removal and disposal of waste, and to make all final permanent pavement repairs around manholes and restore all sites to their original or better conditions. 
Estimated Amount for Solicitation: $3,000,000.00
Vendor Name Doing Business As File Name
Basic Information
Subcontracting Goals
African American 1.39%
Hispanic American 6.26%
Native/Asian American 0.66%
WBE 0.93%
Contact Information
Authorized Contact Names:
Project Related Questions: Javier Ramirez
(512) 972-2054
Solicitation Specific
Steve Cocke
(512) 974-7998
Small Minority Business
Resources Questions:
Kenneth Kalu
(512) 974-7621
Dates & Times
Important Solicitation Dates:
Solicitation Published: 05/29/2023 07:20 AM
Response Due: Prior to 06/29/2023, 02:00 PM
Please review the solicitation for submission requirements. See Section 0020 Item 3.
Compliance Plan Due: Prior to 06/29/2023 02:00 PM Required
Please review the solicitation for submission requirements. See Section 0020 Item 3.
Response Opening: 06/29/2023, 03:00 PM
Please use the URL to attend Bid Opening:
Vendor Meetings/Conference, Site Visits (Date/Time):
Meeting: 06/08/2023, 01:00 PM
Please use the URL to attend Pre-bid Meeting:
Special Notes
Special Notes: Compliance Plan Required.
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Associated Commodities
Description Code
Construction, Water System, Main and Service Line 91360
Trade Summary
Description Category Code
Coatings, Protective (For Masonry Including Concre Goods 31530
Barricades, Traffic, Portable Goods 5507818
Pipe, Pvc (Polyvinyl Chloride) Goods 65860
Ready-Mix Concrete Goods 75070
Manholes, And Manhole Covers, Frames, Grates, Ring Goods 89030
Back Fill, Trench.(Furnish, Transport Fine Aggregate) Construction 9133919
Construction, Sewer And Storm Drain Construction 91345
Pavement, Portland Cement Concrete. This Work Sha Construction 9135050
Construction, Water System, Main And Service Line Construction 91360
Manholes, Construction Of. This Work Shall Consist Construction 9136048
Paving/Resurfacing, Street (Major And Residential) Construction 91396
Hauling Services Non-professional 96239
Traffic Control Device Placement And Removal Service Non-professional 96884