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Type: Invitation for Quote (IFQ)
Status: Closed  
Solicitation Number: IFQ 2200 JSL1012 
Description: Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets and Granules 
Summary: A Contingency contract with a budget of $50,000 for Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets and Calcium Hypochlorite Granules. Used as part of the cleaning process of the plant and also as a disinfectant to meet plant discharge permit.  
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James Lofgran
(512) 974-2500
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Solicitation Published: 03/14/2023 02:33 PM
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Special Notes: None Available
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Bid Package Documents (Cover Sheet, 0400, etc.) pdf 03/14/2023   Download
Bid Documents xlsx 03/14/2023   Download
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Chlorinating And Oxidizing Agents: Bromohydantoins Goods 88540