Solicitation Details
Type: Competitive Sealed Proposal (CSP) 
Status: Closed  
Solicitation Number: CSP 6100 CLMB340 
Description: Austin Energy Chilled Water ROW Construction Services 
Summary: Solicitation for a multi-vendor contract for chilled water construction in the right of way. This includes: provision of pipe, piping hot taps, excavation, tunneling, or boring as required for pipe installation, along with all required casing spacers, tunnel supports, tunnel safety provisions, tunnel dewatering, traffic control provisions including barricades, signage, and safety fencing, valve boxes with traffic rated lids, valve operator stem extensions; butterfly valves and gear operators; air elimination assemblies to include buried traffic-rated enclosure and lid, 2 riser piping, concrete base, shutoff ball valves, automatic air release devices, and associated piping tees and fittings; sediment containment, tree protection, CLSM, pea gravel and grouting, pipe wall penetration seals; assisting Owner's chemical testing company; soil compaction; street, curb, and sidewalk repair, communications manholes, with inner duct, raceways, and hooks for communications fiber optic cabling, installation of fiber optic cabling, removal of excavated materials and spoils; along with associated appurtenances and services. Work under terms of this solicitation will be awarded under an CSP contract agreement. Project locations and extent of project work will be determined by Owner and set forth in Owner-provided drawings on an individual basis at such time as an Austin Energy (AE)-Customer agreement is reached for provision of chilled water to Customer by AE. A separate contract for each individual project will be awarded under the terms of these specifications .  
Estimated Amount for Solicitation: $10,000,000.00
Vendor Name Doing Business As File Name
Basic Information
Subcontracting Goals
African American 4.13%
Hispanic American 5.99%
Native/Asian American 0.21%
WBE 1.76%
Contact Information
Authorized Contact Names:
Project Related Questions: James Matlock
(512) 322-6273
Solicitation Specific
Lynn Rich
(512) 974-7009
Small Minority Business
Resources Questions:
Amy Amaya
(512) 974-7605
Dates, Times & Locations
Important Solicitation Dates:
Solicitation Published: 10/10/2022 07:20 AM
Response Due: Prior to 12/01/2022, 02:00 PM
Please review the solicitation instructions for submission requirements
See Section 00020CSP, Item 6
Compliance Plan Due: Prior to 12/01/2022 02:00 PM  Required Required Please review the solicitation instructions for submission requirements
See Section 00020CSP, Item 6
Response Opening: 12/01/2022, 03:00 PM
One Texas Center,  505 Barton Springs Rd,  Austin, TX  78704
Room/Suite Microsoft Teams
Please use the following URL to attend Proposal Opening:
Vendor Meetings/Conference, Site Visits (Date/Time/Location):
Meeting: 10/18/2022, 10:00 AM
Microsoft Teams
Please use the following URL to attend Pre-Response Meeting:
Special Notes
Special Notes: Insurance is Required. Required
Compliance Plan Required.
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Associated Commodities
Description Code
Construction, Tunnel 91355
Trade Summary
Description Category Code
Conduit, Pvc, Sch. 40 Goods 2851914
Guard Rails And Accessories: Bolts, Posts, Termina Goods 57028
Pipe, Stainless Steel Goods 65877
Valves, Brass And Copper Goods 67069
Shoring And Reinforcement Services Non-professional 91071
Construction, Industrial Pipeline Insulation Construction 91330
Back Fill, Trench.(Furnish, Transport Fine Aggregate) Construction 9133919
Construction, Pipeline Construction 91340
Construction, Tunnel Construction 91355
Valve Vaults And Boxes, Reconstruction Of. This Wo Construction 9136087
Paving/Resurfacing, Street (Major And Residential) Construction 91396
Welding Construction 91485
Hauling Services Non-professional 96239
Survey (Not Aerial Or Research Non-professional 96877
Trench And Back Fill For Traffic Signal Assemblies Non-professional 9688283
Machinery And Heavy Hardware Rental Or Lease Non-professional 97542
Landscaping, Tree And Plant Protection During Cons Non-professional 9885299